For all of those who know me, life is about transition. About every decade or so I choose to make life more interesting, fun, and challenging, with a change of scenery.  I’m excited to announce that my family and I are moving to Taiwan. In mid-August we’ll be leaving for my wife's home city, Kaohsiung. An incredible opportunity arose - one that will bring her back home and will allow my son to experience a different culture.  The decision was difficult with many factors to consider. 

MikeMahTaiwanOne of the hardest parts of moving to Taiwan is that I will miss my family, and friends. To the people at Ottawa Osteopathy and Sports Therapy: you are both of these to me. Since working here with my colleagues I have witnessed people who are caring, compassionate, and highly skilled at what they do... healing in a professional environment. With open hands they welcome the people who we come to know and care about, and become our friends or extended family.  The stories that you bring makes us laugh, cry, and exhilarate us. That's what makes me sad about leaving Ottawa Osteopathy and Sports Therapy - you are very special people that will remain in my heart, and I hope to be back someday.

My last day in the clinic will be August 18, 2017. Your continued care is of utmost importance to me, and to the clinic team. Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy is a multi-disciplinary clinic with a fantastic team that is ready to support my client load once I leave. If you are currently in treatment with me, if you are a past patient and require further care, or if you have recently been referred to me, I encourage you to contact the clinic to discuss seeing the available therapists. They will be happy to help you to choose a suitable alternative to meet your needs, whether it be for osteopathy, physiotherapy, or massage therapy.

Thank you for your support, understanding and well-wishes!

Best Regards,