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You've booked a TeleRehab appointment. Great! What happens now?

Before your appointment

- Please download this intake and consent form: (PDF), complete it and email it to your practitioner prior to your first Telerehab appointment. Click here to email Gen, Click here to email Sara, Click here to email Shauna, Click here to email Neil, Click here to email Pauline, Click here to email Richard, Click here to email David.

- Ensure you have an up-to-date emergency contact should something happen to you during your session.

- Make sure you're connected to a strong Internet connection and access to a webcam and microphone through a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can use a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser, and it works on both Android or iPhone. We also recommend that you update your Internet browser if this hasn’t been done in a while. PLEASE NOTE: The TeleRehab platform works BEST when using the Chrome browser on a PC or Android phone, and the Safari browser on a Macbook 11 or newer or iPhone.

- Be sure that your device and/or your phone batteries are fully charged, or plugged in if needed.

- Test your video camera and microphone to make sure they’re working. Consider making a Skype Test call or FaceTime a friend if you want to check this. We will not be using either of these applications as they’re not secure.

- Try to set up in a relatively quiet, private and clear space (approx. 4’x4’ area) around you to move and exercise. Think about where and how your device will sit or be supported to allow for the best view and interaction through video. Don’t stress too much about it. Most setups work fine.

- Have any exercise or therapy equipment that you may need for your session close by. This could be exercise bands, weights, balls, rollers, yoga mats, yoga props, a chair, etc. If you don’t have any of these things, don’t worry! We can get creative with common items you have in your house like a hard water bottle, soup cans, tennis ball, etc.

- Please wear shorts and a tank top/sports bra, or form-fitting clothing (for us to be able to more easily assess your movement).

- Please have an alternative way to communicate (telephone) at the ready in case there is a disconnection.

At the time of your appointment

- Ensure that you’re logged in to the same email account that you used to book the appointment. Please be logged in and prepared at least 10-15 minutes in advance.

- There is no additional software or app that is needed. No downloads required!

- A few minutes before your actual appointment time, you’ll receive the Telerehab portal invitation in your email inbox (check your junk and spam folders if you don’t see it).

- There will be a “JOIN NOW” link which will connect you to the video session automatically when you click it.

- Then, voila! You’re connected and investing in your health!

Paying for your appointment

- Payment for all TeleRehab appointments must be completed in advance by sending an e-transfer before the appointment. The e-transfer email address is listed at the bottom of the intake and consent form. It is an auto-deposit email address, so there is no need to create a password.

- When sending the e-transfer, you must include the names of both the practitioner and the person receiving the TeleRehab session in the “MESSAGE” section.

- You are expected to complete the intake forms as well as the e-transfer payment in advance of your appointment.

- The fees for TeleRehab appointments are listed on the online booking portal, within the service description.

- After the appointment has been completed, you will receive a detailed receipt by email for the Telerehab service. It may take up to 2 business days to receive this email. If, after 2 business day, you have not received a receipt, please let us know.