Effective Warm up for Sports

These videos are designed to show you how to effectively warm up before playing lower running related sports such as soccer, ultimate, ball hockey,etc.

oostcirclescolour.jpg   Be sure to start with a 5-10 minute easy jog to increase your body temperature.
oostcirclescolour.jpg   Perform at least one stretch per muscle group and do 8-10 reps of a dynamic stretch per side.
oostcirclescolour.jpg   You may also want to do some sports-specific drills just before you play or compete. This could involve throwing, catching, kicking, or passing, depending on your sport.
oostcirclescolour.jpg   A proper warm up should take at least 15-20 minutes to do. If your warm up takes you less than 5 minutes, you're skipping important steps.

Disclaimer: Performing the exercises in these videos should not cause pain and is not intended to be used to treat a painful condition. If you have pain while performing these strethces, you should be assessed by a qualified health care professional.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch - Toe Touch

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch - High Toe Touch

Dynamic Quadriceps Stretch - Lunge

Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch - Rectus Femoris (Quadriceps)

Dynamic Glute Stretch - Walking

Dynamic Glute Stretch - Kneeling

Dynamic Calf Stretch - Gastrocs

Dynamic Calf Stretch - Soleus

If you have followed this warm up routine and still feel pain or unusual discomfort while playing sports, you should consult a health care practitioner for a focused assessment. To minimize aches and pains you feel while playing your sport, get past an injury or improve your sport performance, give us a call. You don't have to let injuries affect your quality of life.

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