What are the risks, benefits, and limitations of telerehab sessions with my therapist?

RISKS:  Even though we’re using the safest platforms with the highest security and encryption, there is still a small risk that unauthorized parties may access the information transmitted. If the process to access your therapist sounds more complex than simply using Skype or Facetime to chat with friends, there’s a good reason for that. If the connection is simple, it’s not secure. If it’s secure, it’s not simple. Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and similar platforms are not secure and all data becomes owned by the corporation and can be sold to third parties. The system we are using for telerehab is safe, secure, encrypted and complient with PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) compliant.

Telerehab services are provided virtually which means there is a very small risk of personal injury in the event of a fall or other event. Keep in mind this is still less risky than circumstances where you are performing unsupervised exercises while alone at home. If you're feeling particularly uncertain about this risk, try to arrange to have another person with you in the event you need assistance.

BENEFITS: Telerehab is available in the comfort of your own home or while you're away on a trip. This is far more practical for single parents, parents of newborns, busy working professionals and those who are out of town/country. There is no need to drive to and from the clinic, no parking expenses and as soon as the appointment is finished, you can get back to your usual activities. If you’re concerned that your child, partner or dog might interrupt your telerehab appointment, that’s not a problem. Real life has interruptions and we’ll probably just smile and wave to them. The appointment can get back on track without stress.

LIMITATIONS: As we are unable to perform hands-on assessment and treatment via Telerehab, some conditions which are heavily dependent on manual therapy may not be suitable for this form of care.

How will I know if my condition can be treated with Telerehab?

The vast majority of conditions we see are suitable for Telerehab.  After you’ve filled out our intake sheet and emailed it to the therapist, you will be informed via email if your therapist believes Telerehab is not suitable for you. Additionally, they will let you know if another therapist with different professional training would be a better option.

How do I know which therapist I should book with?

Feel free to read through our staff bios.  There is a lot of information there to help you make your decision. Keep in mind, not every practitioner is available for Telerehab. Currently, Telerehab is offered by Genevieve Renaud (Physiotherapy), Sara Roy (Physiotherapy), Shauna Ironside (Osteopathy), Neil Price (Osteopathy), Pauline Costa (Osteopathy), Richard Gregory (Osteopathy and Athletic Therapy), and David Witiluk (Kinesiology, Personal Training, and Running Assessments).

Can you bill my insurance directly?

No. We do not offer direct billing to insurance companies. You will be emailed a detailed receipt which you can submit to your extended health care insurance provider just like in-clinic appointments.

What if I have technical trouble with my device/computer at or during my appointment?

Please follow the suggestions detailed below about testing your setup and charging your devices beforehand. If there is a problem connecting, your therapist will call your primary phone number to troubleshoot the problem with you. Give yourself at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to get properly set up.

Before your appointment:

- Be connected to a strong Internet connection and access to a webcam and microphone through a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can use a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser, and it works on both Android or iPhone. We also recommend that you update your Internet browser if this hasn’t been done in a while. PLEASE NOTE: The TeleRehab platform works BEST when using the Chrome browser on a PC or Android phone, and the Safari browser on a Macbook 11 or newer or iPhone.

- Be sure that your device and/or your phone batteries are fully charged or plugged in if needed.

- Test your video camera and microphone to make sure they’re working. Consider making a Skype Test call or FaceTime a friend if you want to check this. We will not be using either of these applications as they’re not secure.

What if I miss my appointment? Will I get billed?

A therapist’s time is valuable. If you miss an appointment, that is important time that could have otherwise been used to significantly improve another patient’s pain levels and quality of life. For the sake of all patients who use our services, please respect appointment times. All missed appointments are subject to the same cancellation fees as in-clinic appointments: 50% of the fee for the service you booked will apply as a cancellation fee unless there is a medical emergency or other unforeseen, unavoidable critical event.