We are doing our part to ensure the health and safety of our staff and our patients. This means there will be new procedures in place. Please read through this page carefully, and if you have questions, please reach out by email prior to your appointment.

Arriving at the Clinic / Before your Appointment

- Wait in the lobby of the building or your car until 5 minutes before your appointment time. Only come up to the clinic 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This helps to limit the number of people waiting within the clinic, but will allow us enough time to go through a verbal screening and appointment pre-payment.

- Please come to the clinic alone. Unless you are a patient, staff member, or are accompanying a minor who has an appointment, please do not come in.

- All patients must wear a mask (covering both your mouth and nose) at all times within our clinic unless advised not to by our staff for procedural reasons. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from reception. AS OF MARCH 2022: Our clinic still requires masks to be worn at all times while in the clinic (regardless of changes to provincial/municipal mandates). Medical/3-ply disposable or N95/KN95 masks will be required for all treatments. Please wear a mask of this type to each appointment. Cloth masks (with or without filter) will not be sufficient.

- There will be no food or drinks allowed in the clinic, as eating or drinking requires the removal of your mask.

- As you exit the elevator or the stairwell on the 6th floor, you will turn to the LEFT and follow the one-way signage directing you to our clinic. This helps to maintain social distancing.

- Before entering the clinic, read the Clinic Procedures and Self-Screening Checklist on the poster just outside our front door. Please do not enter the clinic if you have any of the symptoms mentioned or answered yes to any of the questions. Instead we will reschedule your appointment (cancellation fees will not apply).

- Upon entering the clinic, you will be required to use our foot-operated hand sanitizer. If you're unsure of your balance, there will be a small pump bottle on the desk counter closest to the door.

- Once we've checked you in for your appointment, we will verbally screen you for recent travel, symptoms related to COVID-19.

- Please wait on the clearly marked red circles on the floor in our reception area, which ensures proper social distancing is respected. If you are not directed to a red circle by our staff, please choose the red circle furthest from other people in the clinic.


During and After your Appointment

- Your health care practitioner will have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all contact surfaces, counter tops, treatment tables, stools, door knobs etc that you may come into contact with. They will also be wearing a face mask covering their mouth and nose in addition to a full face shield.

- A True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter will remain in operation during the length of your appoinmtment. These filters operate constantly in all areas of the clinic including the reception area.

- You will be reminded of the risks associated with close/physical contact, our recommended treatment/appointment plan and if you wish to proceed, you will be asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver.

- Your treatment will then begin in the usual manner

- After your treatment has ended, you will again either sanitize your hands using gel/liquid or wash your hands with soap and water. You will make your way out of the clinic on your own, your receipt will be emailed to you and you’ll book your follow-up appointments online.

- Upon leaving our clinic and our building, you should, like any trip to an indoor public environment, go home, wash your clothes and hands properly. It is especially important for you to avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and face until you have properly washed/sanitized your hands. This is the best way to avoid getting sick.

We take your health seriously. Our staff have followed the most up to date research and guidance on minimizing transmission risk for COVID-19.  If you would like to better understand the COVID-19 virus and learn how to keep yourself safe, please visit the Ottawa Public Health or Health Canada websites.


Paying in Advance for Your Appointment and Booking Follow-Up Appointments

- We encourage you to consider pre-paying for your appointment, to minimize the time spent in the clinic. This also helps to reduce the number of people congregating in reception. You can send an e-transfer to which is a registered auto deposit account for our clinic. You’ll receive immediate confirmation of receipt of funds without the need for a security question.

The fee associated with the appointment you are booked for can be found in the online booking portal.

- You’ll receive your receipt by email after your appointment.

- Follow-up appointments can be made through our convenient online booking portal. Your therapist/health care practitioner will discuss with you the most appropriate time interval in which to follow up.


Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.